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Care & Maintenance

Custom Furniture


Proper Furniture Care & Maintenance


While much of our furniture does come with a warranty, it is important to follow these simple tips and guidelines when caring for furniture of any material. Wood, metal, stone, and different upholsteries will act and react differently when exposed to improper cleaners, which will void any warranty. To keep your furniture in prestine condition, we recommed:


  • Please load/unload the furniture manually, do not use forklift directly on the furniture
  • Please open the packaging gently, when using any blade or knife, please be sure to use a light touch, and not to scratch the furniture
  • Please move the furniture gently, do not drag the furniture - use furniture sliders/movers
  • Please do not place the furniture close to any fireplace, air conditioning, or heater register where the humidity is much lower; our custom furniture comes from a place with very high humidity. While the furniture had been treated and kiln dried twice into 8-12% MC, the extremely different humidity level in a new place can be crack or warp the wood immediately.
  • Please do not place the furniture in direct sun light - this can fade the finish quickly, as well as lead to cracking
  • Please do not use strong chemical when cleaning the furniture - Please apply small amount in a hidden area first before applying to all surfaces. Please make sure the furniture care product that you are going to use is suitable for the finish of the furniture, whether wax, paint, NC, and/or PU, . Always apply cleaners/polishes with soft clothes.
  • Always use coasters when placing hot or cold beverages on any surfaces.